ILLUMINATI, just mentioning the Illuminati could be the reason for much discussion. He attempts to take retribution for what has happened between him and God before time starts so the only method he could mock God is always to destroy Their PEOPLE (US)hence he interefere while in the audio sector and captured every one of the affluent & most effective people on earth since he considers the only way to tip all Gods people is by using INCOME and POWER.

The underground picture will never create this kind of talent again, of the I am selected. Thirty trails (genuinely closer to 30 in the event that you count the intros and outros by his hiphop costumes Reduce Dwellaz and Darkness People) occupying roughly twelve artists. If any group s want their audio removed please contact me or abandon a and that I 'll delete it immediately. Please buy the music and support the companies, if anything here is available. Natural Regulation are a hardcore group from throughout the East Coast (New York, New Jersey, Maine, and New Hampshire).

These are only Music Artists however many in their songs are providing us an indicator the Illuminati is true. I actually do think it is bizarre that performers that note illumanati within their music wind up...well most of the people that note a lot arent here anymore. Many people I view speaking 50 cent about audio always declare it's anything regarding the demon. If you went the world and held 50% of the wealth, can you actually use a rapper to go away your key enterprises lifetime with minor indications in his music films. The scene in Florida within the early '80s produced some of my personal favorite music ever, in virtually any variety.